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Why you should stay nimble with your restaurant's social media


TikToker “MiriTheSiren” was known for posting her creative Chick-fil-A meals, videos that were meant to inspire consumers to think of innovative ways to eat fast food. The TikToker, whose real name is Miri, was a Chick-fil-A employee, sharing how she mixed items at the store for her free meal every day.

Quickly, Miri gained a following with her videos going viral, garnering tens of millions of views on her videos between January and April of this year. But Chick-fil-A wasn’t happy.

The Atlanta-based chicken chain made Miri stop posting videos because they violated the employee handbook, as she explained, and the company would not be making an exception for her or collaborating on any future posts.

“People do that stuff as it’s convenient, and they back-burner more often,” said Lena Katz, lead, creator-integrated services at Ampersand (AOI-Pro). “Once one side begins to feel exploited, the relationship sours or ends.”

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