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Ledo Pizza President Jamie Beall on the chain's coronavirus response.

Ledo Pizza President Jamie Beall on moving quickly during the coronavirus pandemic

The pizza chain added grab-and-go, changed its menu and is planning smaller footprints for the future

Annapolis, Md.-based Ledo Pizza, known for its rectangular pizzas, currently has over 100 units in the region. Jamie Beall, its president and chief operating officer, detailed how the chain has survived the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s his story:

Overall, the future looks very bright for Ledo Pizza and we are keeping pace with the quickly changing environment. We are currently working on several improvements to our system, including site layout enhancements, menu updates, technology advancements, and marketing strategy changes. We’re working on a smaller restaurant footprint, along with contactless carry-out, to increase focus on the carry-out and curbside experience. To match this change in our operation, our menu is going to change with the introduction of grab-and-go selections for our guests. We are also working on new technology approaches that will increase efficiencies in the back of house to aid with labor shortages and in the front of house to improve throughput. Additionally, our marketing strategies are continually changing to focus on where our guests spend their time.  

The pandemic has really changed my perspective on life and our business. Through the course of these past few months, I’ve become closer to my family by spending more quality time with them, helping with my children’s virtual schooling and enjoyed having more time to boat and fish. I’ve also had the opportunity to reevaluate my relationship with my franchise family and have found that we truly have an amazing group of dedicated people who share in my passion about Ledo Pizza.”

This is part of our Stories from the Front Lines series.

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