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dunkinterns.jpg Dunkin'
A photo depicting the current Dunkin'Terns campaign.

Dunkin’ launches ad campaign to promote iced beverages

The star-studded series of restaurant commercials features Will Arnett, Corporate Natalie, Joey Fatone, A.J. McLean, Nick DiGiovanni, Yoon Ahn, SypherPK, Maia Reficco, Hilton Carter, and Melissa Sapini

Dunkin’ is launching a new series of star-studded commercials with actor Will Arnett and social media influencer Corporate Natalie along with an array of other celebrities who are dubbed Dunkin’Terns to promote iced beverages this summer.

The ads have been developed by Artists Equity, the studio of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon that has also produced other commercials for the quick service coffee-and-doughnut chain.

In the latest round, Arnett and Corporate Natalie enlist celebrities including ’90s boy band stars Joey Fatone of NSYNC and A.J. McLean of The Backstreet Boys, chef-influencer Nick DiGiovanni, fashion designer Yoon Ahn, gaming streamer SypherPK, actress Maia Reficco, stylist Hilton Carter, and Melissa Sapini, who is Miss Massachusetts for 2024.

The “Dunkin’Terns” play on the brand’s name follows the DunKings, a fictional band featured in an Artists Equity commercial that aired during the Super Bowl with members Affleck, Damon, and football great Tom Brady failing to impress Jennifer Lopez.

Dunkin’ and Artists Equity have been featuring celebrities in their marketing for a couple of years now. Affleck has appeared in many Dunkin’ ads, including with other entertainers such as rapper Ice Spice.

Lifestyle celebrity Martha Stewart also has been featured on social media for Dunkin’, teaching her audience how to shake iced beverages properly and also providing a recipe for the trendy Espresso Martini cocktail while also promoting Dunkin’ branded Espresso glasses.

The latest ad campaign, the first commercial of which aired on June 17, is a series, starting with Arnett and Natalie briefing the other celebrities about their mission.

That will be followed by a commercial in which Fatone and McLean who are currently on tour together, suggest releasing a song promoting Dunkin’s iced coffee.

Next, Arnett and Natalie pitch, badly, a commercial that would star Maia Reficco.

In a more effective pitch, SypherPK is inspired to promote Dunkin’s Sparkd’ Energy drinks.

Actual Dunkin’ research & development team member Dan Cole is in the next ad with DiGiovanni announcing a blueberry-and-doughnut iced coffee

And then Ahn says she’s working on a capsule collection for the brand.

The campaign comes as Dunkin’ prepares for its own Iced Coffee Day on June 20, during which the chain, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, donates $1 for every iced coffee purchased to its Joy in Childhood Foundation to help children’s hospitals nationwide.

It also has launched a "Painting and Playing with Joy" program in which it partners with hospitals to host painting and music activities for patients and their families on Iced Coffee Day. Dunkin’ said that the foundation has donated more than $50 million in grants since it was founded in 2006.

Finally, the chain of more than 13,200 locations worldwide also is releasing a limited-edition iced coffee inspired iPhone case for $15.

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