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Dunkin' has once again tapped Ben Affleck for an ad spot.

Dunkin’ introduces new LTO menu items during Super Bowl commercial with Ben Affleck and Tom Brady

The chain introduced several new limited-edition menu items based on the ad

Ben Affleck’s love of his hometown brand, Dunkin’, has become a moneymaker for both him and the company, and now the marketing partnership has led to a limited-edition line of new menu items.

In the latest installment of a series of commercials for the Canton, Mass.-based quick-service brand, Ben Affleck stars as a member of the parody band, The DunKings.

The DunKings Iced Coffee is Affleck’s go-to order, and now it is available for fans to order off the official Dunkin’ menu. The Ben Affleck beverage features classic iced coffee with notes of vanilla, combined with cream, and topped with sweet cold foam and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. The second item featured in the commercial, Munchkin skewers, are three assorted munchkins on a skewer, meant to look like the olives in a martini. Both items will be available for a limited time starting Feb. 12.

Additional menu items included in the drop that are available only on the Dunkin’ app include:

  • Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich: Everything Bagel with sweet black pepper seasoned bacon, white cheddar cheese, and egg.
  • Hazelnut Heartthrob Iced Coffee: Hot or iced coffee blended with sweet caramel, notes of hazelnut, and whole milk.
  • Mixed Berry Beats Dunkin’ Refresher: Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Refresher with an extra shot of raspberry flavor.

Dunkings_1920x1080.pngThe first Dunkin’ commercials were created after images of Affleck holding an iced Dunkin’ coffee with a somber expression went viral online. Eagle-eyed viewers started compiling copies of these photos as Affleck went on his daily Dunkin’ run.

Over the past year, Affleck has starred in several Dunkin’ ads ranging from being mistaken for his friend Matt Damon, to collaborating with rapper Ice Spice, to ultimately poking fun at his 2023 Grammy Awards appearance when the Internet criticized him for looking miserable at the event. The latter ad featured Affleck as an aspiring popstar taking dance lessons and ended on a cliffhanger. That’s where this year’s Super Bowl ad picked up.

Born-and-raised Bostonian Affleck is now an aspiring rapper in the ad who is part of the band The DunKings. The other members? Two other famous Boston figures – Matt Damon and Tom Brady.

“There’s no way to watch this campaign and its many outtakes, to try The DunKings Iced Coffee with the fun Munchkins skewer, or to wear the pink and orange tracksuits without smiling,”  Jill McVicar Nelson, CMO at Dunkin’, said in a statement. “That’s the genuine, lighthearted connection we want people to feel when they think about Dunkin’.”

In the commercial, the trio raps a song for Affleck’s wife and superstar musician Jennifer Lopez and, while they are unsuccessful at impressing her enough to land a gig, they find solace in contributing to the Dunkin’ limited-edition menu.

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