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Crumbl-Simultaor-app.jpg Crumbl
This is a simulation of what the Crumbl app looks like to an Apple Vision Pro user.

Crumbl launches app just for Apple Vision Pro

The Crumbl Cookie app is one of the first food and beverage apps supported on VisionOS, offering a simplified visual interface for users

Crumbl announced earlier this month the launch of an app just for the Apple Vision Pro — Apple’s new “mixed reality headset” that combines digital content with physical space, much like augmented reality. The Crumbl Cookies app, available for VisionOS starting in February, is one of the first food and beverage apps supported by the new operating system.

“We love the simplicity of the app and that we didn't have to rely on any 3d gimmicks to make it cool,” Colton Lemmon, software engineer with Crumbl, said. “We could just show off our great assets and photos and videos that we already have, but make them huge and bring them to life in a new way.”

The Crumbl Apple Vision Pro app features a visually immersive, simple interface that focuses more on high-definition images of Crumbl’s bakery selections than on typeface and minimizes the need for customers to fill out ordering forms. Exclusive features include visual animations (where customers can see their cookie selections being added to the Crumbl pink box), a pre-selected expresso ordering option (for ordering favorite menu items again quickly), default delivery items, order tracking, and integration with Apple Pay and Siri.

“We found that… you couldn’t really see what happened when you selected the cookie, because the drives weren't necessarily looking at the action was taking place,” Lemmon said. “So, Claire, our designer, had this great idea to animate the cookie as it moves over…. It served this purpose of helping the user see that they had performed this action and created a cool animation that we fell in love with.”

Lemmon said that the team might add 3d visual elements in the future by adding special photos and videos so that customers can feel even more immersed in the digital landscape of the Crumbl app. Moving forward, the team might even be inspired to create a more visually enhanced app with a simpler interface for its classic iOS app, but with different designs since the platforms of the two apps are so different.

The Crumbl Cookies App for Apple Vision Pro is now available  to download from the app store on VisionOS.

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