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A closer look at KFC’s streetwear collection

The brand is the latest to tap into the Instagrammable restaurant fashion trend

It’s not enough for customers to Instagram food from their favorite restaurants anymore. Now they want to use fashion to show they literally are what they eat.

And major quick-service brands — including KFC, Taco Bell and White Castle — are answering the call.

Louisville, Ky.-based KFC recently made its foray into fashion by partnering with Japan-based designer NIGO and streetwear brand Human Made for a capsule collection centered around the American iconography of Colonel Sanders. The pieces have a heavy focus on the classic red and white stripes along with the Colonel’s face and archival photographs of the man himself. KFC’s collaboration shows that the fashion world has taken quick-service restaurants seriously as not only an inspiration, but also an integral part of the line.

Take a closer look at the collection.

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