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CFA One Scanning - Main Image.jpg Photo courtesy of Chick-fil-A
Starting April 4, point values for some Chick-fil-A rewards will increase.

Chick-fil-A is increasing point values for some of its loyalty rewards

Point values for some Chick-fil-A One rewards will increase starting April 4.

Chick-fil-A announced it is updating some of the features on its One rewards program. Starting April 4, point values for some rewards will increase. Also, the program will feature more menu options for each tier.

A kid’s meal is now available for “red” members who earn 1,200 points, while a gallon of Sunjoy is available for 3,000 points for “signature” members. All members can earn a full meal for 2,500 points; a bowl of chicken noodle soup for 1,200 points; a five-count grilled nuggets order for 800 points; a sausage biscuit for 700 points; Chick-fil-A nuggets or a two-count Chick-n-Strips for 600 points; or large waffle fries for 500 points.

The Chick-fil-A One program has four subsequent tiers: Member, Silver Member, Red Member and Signature Member. Each dollar spent earns points toward each higher tier; members who spend more move their way up to the next tier.

Chick-fil-A One’s program will continue to offer perks, including birthday rewards, the option to save favorites for faster reorders and the ability to order and pay ahead. One members in select markets can also earn bonus points through special challenges, such as placing a mobile order. And, those who reach Silver status can gift rewards to others.  The company said over 50 million members have enrolled in the Chick-fil-A One program since its launch in 2016. For context, Chipotle has nearly 32 million rewards members, while Starbucks has nearly 29 million members.

Chick-fil-A is the latest brand to update its rewards program as more consumers seek to engage with brands and receive promotional offers through their mobile apps. Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ updated their programs in the past few months, for instance. Dunkin’ replaced its DD Perks with a new program called Dunkin’ Rewards, requiring members to earn more points for free drinks. Starbucks’ changes in December also required members to spend more to earn freebies. The point value increase comes as inflation remains stubbornly high, forcing restaurant operators to maintain elevated menu prices to protect margins. February’s Consumer Price Index indicated quick-service prices are up 7.2% over the same period last year, for instance.

As consumers become more digital, loyalty programs have become the central battleground to generate traffic and frequency. Brands are wooing them through exclusive offers and promotions not found off of the app. According to the National Restaurant Association State of the Industry 2023 report, 80% of consumers said they would likely participate in a loyalty program if it was offered by a restaurant they patronize. As such, nearly 60% of all restaurants now offer such a program.

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