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Food to drink by: Cuisines of wine and sake regions

An exploration of the cuisine in some dynamic wine and sake areas shows how small the world has become. New York’s Finger Lakes, Niigata prefecture in Japan, the state of South Australia and the diverse wine regions of central Chile produce different styles of beverages, but all require craftsmanship and a connection to the land. The same is true of the food that is eaten with those drinks.

From Niigata’s longstanding tradition of carefully nurtured beef and fish to South Australia’s rediscovery of the indigenous ingredients used by the Aborigines, this special section shows how chefs connect with the seasonal raw materials in their areas to produce a cuisine that speaks of the time and place they were made.

These regions are a world apart, but the chefs cooking in them are following a global trend of looking to the land and sea around them to inspire their food.

We hope their examples help to inspire you as you plan your own menus.

Special Report

Central Chile

Niigata, Japan

New York’s Finger Lakes

South Australia

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