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Burger King franchisee plans more cobranded units

Burger King franchisee plans more cobranded units

Burger chain opens locations with Cups Frozen Yogurt brand

Earlier this month, a New York-based franchisee opened his third cobranded Burger King–Cups Frozen Yogurt unit, with seven more locations planned by 2017.

The latest Burger King–Cups opened on Dec. 8, in Highland, N.Y., following the cobranded concept’s debut in Liberty, N.Y., in April. Another unit opened in Franklin, N.J., in mid 2014.

Sanjay Patel, a 10-year Burger King franchisee and owner of Liberty, N.Y. -based Devs Foods and Liberty Cups LLC, said sales appear to be good.

“As per usual grand opening trends, we saw good spikes around the grand opening celebration and hoopla,” Patel said.  “After the grand opening, sales have fluctuated some, which is consistent with seasonal/weather changes.”

In two of the Burger King–Cups restaurants, the frozen yogurt outlet has replaced space once dedicated to an indoor kids’ play area. A third was a new build designed to include the two brands.

The Cups section covers between 600 square feet and 800 square feet of a typical Burger King restaurant, which can vary in size from 2,800 square feet to 4800 square feet, Patel said.

Patel said Burger King let him generate his own logistical and signage for the cobranded units.

“Besides the normal permits and approvals, we were free to do what we wanted to best represent both brands,” he said.

The two brands have separate staffs, he added.

Patel said his development agreement with Cups calls for seven more units over the next three years, but it’s too soon to give details on sales.

He said his team is “still waiting for the results of the present units, as our first unit has only been open eight months.”

Cups, which has 19 units in New Jersey and New York, was created in November 2010 by Livingston, N.J.-based The Briad Group, which franchises and operates Wendy’s and TGI Fridays restaurants, and develops Marriott and Hilton hotels. It also licenses the Zinburger brand.

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