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The Low Waste Bowls feature items that would otherwise be discarded or composted.

Low Waste Bowls by Carolina Dining Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are good for people and the planet

The company will receive its MenuMasters Award this month in Chicago

A bowl made with whole grains and vegetables is a meal that’s healthful for people, but Michael Gueiss, the chef at UNC Chapel Hill, operated by Carolina Dining Services, also offers an item that’s healthful for the planet.

The school’s Low Waste Bowls feature items that would otherwise be discarded or composted. Although the bowls obviously vary based on what’s available, ingredients have included roasted carrots that might no longer be ideal raw, herb-braised celery, celery leaf salad, watermelon rind pickles, sliced Easter egg radishes and chimichurri made from radish and carrot tops, along with grains including brown rice and sorghum. The result is tasty and healthful meals that also raise awareness about cutting down on waste.

“Rather than compost, I created a healthy and hearty recipe that makes these items the stars of the dish,” Gueiss told NRN sister publication Food Management last year.

They debuted as part of UNC’s new pop-up series in the fall of 2021.

Gueiss has also recently introduced other environmentally friendly and nutrient dense dishes, including a grain bowl with sorghum and Carolina rice and eggplant stuffed with butternut squash risotto.

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