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Menu Tracker: New items from Popeyes, Dutch Bros, and Qdoba

Plus innovation at Aussie Grill, California Tortilla, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Cowboy Chicken, Dillas Quesadillas, Island Fin Poké, Mooyah, Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Slim Chickens, Veggie Grill, Velvet Taco, and Yampa Sandwich Company

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is the latest chain to team up with Truff, the sauce company that puts truffles in its products. A number of restaurants have used its hot sauce, but Popeyes is using its spicy truffle mayonnaise on its chicken sandwich.

A few pumpkin items are still trickling in, such as at Island Fin Poké and Slim Chickens.

Slim Chickens also has a new line of mac & cheese bowls and California Tortilla has new Grill Melts, which are sort of like grilled cheese burritos.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill has the third of its month-long lineup of weekly pasta specials, Dillas Quesadillas has a new option with Fritos corn chips in them, Aussie Grill has jumped on the hot chicken bandwagon, and Potbelly has a new spicy sandwich.

Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub has new seasonal items, and Veggie Grill has revamped its menu.

Mooyah Burgers, Fries and Shakes has a pretzel burger, Dutch Bros has a new version of its house-made energy drinks, and Qdoba is bringing back its tortilla soup.

Yampa Sandwich Company has new sandwiches, Cowboy Chicken has Thanksgiving items, and Velvet Taco’s Weekly Taco Feature contains crab cakes.

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