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Menu Tracker: New items from IHOP, Shake Shack and White Castle

Plus innovation at Checkers & Rally’s, Chick N Max, Farmer Boys, Frisch’s Big Boy, Jamba, Nathan’s Famous, Pie Hole, Rib & Chop House, Tropical Smoothie Café, Umami Burger, Velvet Taco and Voodoo Doughnut

More than 50% of IHOP guests order bacon, so the family-dining chain has launched a limited-time premium bacon that’s around a quarter-of-an-inch thick, along with a new BLT and other items featuring the new ingredient. And while it’s at it, it’s adding candied versions of its regular bacon to pancakes, milkshakes, a sundae and more.

Is bacon in a sundae unusual? Sure, but Voodoo Doughnut is offering a doughnut inspired by a ramen bowl, available through April 20.

Candied bacon and fried chicken sandwiches come together this month at Checkers & Rally’s, and Chick N Max, a three-unit chain out of Wichita, Kan., has a sweet & spicy fried chicken sandwich, too.

Jack in the Box is combining fried chicken with a cheddar biscuit, and also offering a 50/50 combination of spicy and “classic” popcorn chicken.

Red Lobster has a fried chicken sandwich now, because of course it does, but the chicken-sandwich innovation award goes to Nathan’s Famous, which has two sandwiches made from thigh meat.

In other pretty big news, Jamba has breakfast sandwiches now.

Frisch’s Big Boy is celebrating spring with strawberry desserts, and Shake Shack has a strawberry rhubarb shake.

Farmer Boys has vanilla cold brew coffee, Rib & Chop House has a new flaming cocktail, Pie Hole has new pies and Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a new smoothie, but only in Atlanta.

White Castle is celebrating its centennial with a birthday cake on a stick, Umami Burger is celebrating the launch of NERVO’s single with a new burger, and Velvet Taco is celebrating the fact that it’s a new week with a Weekly Taco Feature made with Moroccan chicken.

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Correction: April 15, 2021
This gallery has been updated with the end date of the IHOP bacon promotion.
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