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Restaurant brands flex marketing muscle for Valentine’s Day

From CPK, Denny’s and Jimmy John’s to Hooters and North Italia, the approaches vary in catching the consumers’ eye

Feb. 14, or Valentine’s Day, frequently brings forth a wide variety of marketing approaches among restaurant brands. This year, they range from the traditional to the slightly bawdy and employ everything from YouTube to traditional Valentine’s Day cards.

Realizing that cherry-picking the innovations allows use to exercise our own cupidity, we offer five promotions from restaurant brands as varied as CPK’s heart-shaped pies to Denny’s traditional greeting cards to illustrate how restaurant brands are exercising their marketing muscle.

Our slideshow of marketing innovations includes other brands from Jimmy John’s YouTube series to Hooters’ #ShredYourEx discounts for tearing up once-romantic photos and North Italia, the division of The Cheesecake Factory, and its more-traditional multi-course deal.

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