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dominos Domino's Pizza/YouTube

NRN video of the week: Domino's showcases virtual dinner bell in new ad

The quick-service operator's mobile app function lets friends and family know when a delivery is on its way

In the commercial above, Domino's Pizza promotes its latest mobile app feature: a dinner bell.

The new function, which launched on Sept. 25, is available to customers who have the most recent version of the app and a "Pizza Profile." They can then form a dinner bell group with friends and family. 

When a group leader places an order through the quick-service brand's mobile app, he or she can opt to ring the virtual dinner bell to notify everyone in the group.

Once the Domino's tracker function indicates the order is out for delivery, the app automatically rings the bell again as a reminder to group members that their meal is on its way.

Domino's is based in Ann Arbor, Mich., with over 15,100 stores.   

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