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Regulation Nation: Health care top operator concern

Regulation Nation: Health care top operator concern

Nation’s Restaurant News looks at the biggest legislative issues threatening your business and finds strategies for cutting through the red tape. Full Report >>

Trend lines among the restaurant operator community when it comes to today’s legislative and regulatory environment are clear: Health care concerns trump all, operating costs will rise, and menu price increases will be used defensively.

Those were the resounding messages that emerged when Nation’s Restaurant News asked its audience to participate in a short survey on the sentiments, concerns and costs surrounding the legislative and regulatory issues facing restaurant operators today.

The anonymous survey was conducted online from April 22 through May 1 and received 345 responses.

Participants were allowed to complete the multiple-choice survey just once, but no demographic or qualifying factors were collected. All respondents had to complete the survey’s six questions to be counted in the results. Respondents included subscribers to the daily e-newsletter NRN a.m. as well as followers of NRN on Facebook and Twitter, where the survey was promoted. The results of the survey are presented as the percent of all respondents who selected the respective answer. Some survey areas may not total 100 percent because of rounding. Participants could select only one choice for each question.

The results of the survey are presented below.

Health care reform
Money matters
Room for improvement
Potential costs
Sharing costs and seeking help

NRN encourages its readers to take this survey to see how your concerns and plans for tackling legislative issues stack up to your peers.

The survey is open and the anonymous results are provided directly to participants after completion.

Other issues on the map
Issues keeping industry leaders up at night
Execs debate restaurant industry effectiveness
Regulation Nation, the full report, at

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