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Wienerschnitzel has launched a new, limited-time franchise incentive program.

Wienerschnitzel launches a new franchise incentive program

The limited-time incentive program includes reduced royalties, direct local marketing spend and training fees.

Wienerschnitzel has launched a limited-time franchise incentive program as it aims to expand throughout the Midwest and South this year. The “Hot Dogs for Profits” program offers discounted incentives for franchisees seeking three-store agreements in new markets, along with market exclusivity.

Incentives include a $64,000 development and franchisee fee for all three stores and reduced royalties that begin at 1% for the first year, then increase to 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% for year five and beyond. They also include $20,000 in direct local marketing spend from Galardi Group Inc. for the first store, and the inclusion of a $5,000 owner or general manager training fee for all three stores.

Single-unit agreements in existing markets are also available, with incentives including discounted royalties for the first two years, a direct local marketing spend from Galardi and a $5,000 owner or general manager training fee.

According to the company’s website, the investment necessary to open a new Wienerschnitzel restaurant ranges between $303,600 and $1.4 million. Liquid capital of $250,000 is required, with a net worth of $600,000. Franchise fees range from $16,000 to $32,000, while initial training is $4,000.

“The new Hot Dogs for Profits incentive program significantly lowers the cost of entry for prospective franchisees eager to turn hot dogs into financial gains,” Ted Milburn, director of Franchise Development, said in a statement.

Wienerschnitzel marked its 12th consecutive year of same-store sales growth in 2022 and signed multi-unit franchise agreements in new markets including Arkansas, Boise, Idaho, Omaha, Nebraska, and Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. There are nearly 350 franchised Wienerschnitzel locations in operation throughout 10 states, with more than 50 units in various stages of development across the U.S.

Multi-unit incentive programs are becoming more common in the restaurant industry as franchising has grown during the pandemic while labor shortages have persisted. Incentives can differentiate brands in an increasingly competitive environment and, as is the case with Wienerschnitzel, help ease some of those labor cost burdens with training coverage. While Wienerschnitzel’s incentive program is for a limited-time only, CEO J.R. Galardi said in a statement that he expects it to help “usher in what is expected to be a history-making year for the brand” in terms of franchise growth and development.

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