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What's the most exciting breakfast chain in America?

Picking America’s favorite spot for the earliest daypart


Welcome to First Bite, a Nation’s Restaurant News podcast, your daily source of news from NRN.

Today, we’re talking about breakfast.

Nationwide, restaurant chains committed to the earliest daypart are popping up left and right. While stalwarts like IHOP and Denny’s have long thrived in the breakfast/brunch segment, smaller emerging chains are staking their claims — and thriving — in the space. Keke’s Breakfast Café, for example, was purchased by Denny’s this year and is relying on its consistency as it expands. First Watch had arguably one of the industry’s most successful IPOs in 2021. And Toasted Yolk has ambitions to become the largest restaurant brand in the United States — and not just in the breakfast space.

Nation’s Restaurant News talked to leaders at 10 of the most dynamic breakfast chains in America right now, and you can learn about them below. Over the coming weeks, we’ll ask you to choose: Who do you think has the most exciting breakfast/brunch concept? Cast your vote on Instagram and LinkedIn. Here to talk more about the showdown is NRN’s editor-in-chief Sam Oches.

Plus, catch up on all the top news of the day with our daily news recap at the beginning of each episode.

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