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Sweetgreen Sweetpass
Sweetgreen will be piloting the new subscription program through Feb. 15.

Sweetgreen is the latest restaurant to jump on the subscription trend

The fast-casual chain unveils its new loyalty program

Fast-casual restaurant chain Sweetgreen on Monday announced the pilot of a new subscription program, Sweetpass.

The Los Angeles-based company, which went public last year, will be piloting the new subscription program through Feb. 15 at all of its 150 locations nationwide.

“When thinking about how to roll out a loyalty program authentic to the brand, Sweetgreen wanted to put the customer at the center and pivot from a ‘one size fits all’ approach into something that allows them to connect with customers every step of the way,” Sweetgreen said in a statement.

Customers can purchase a “Sweetpass” for $10 through Jan. 16, and it will be valid for 30 days. The pass allows customers to receive a credit of $3 on purchases of $9.95 or more using the chain’s app or website for delivery or pickup.

The subscription program is not valid on orders placed on third-party delivery platforms.

“[Sweetpass] is everything from targeted and personalized offers to digital challenges to subscription and membership, and how can we potentially play in that space,” Daniel Shlossman, senior vice president of digital and growth at Sweetgreen told CNBC in an interview. “We’re re-envisioning the future of loyalty at Sweetgreen and this is one step in that journey.”

Sweetgreen joins a growing list of brands that have started new subscription programs including Panera Bread, Pret a Manger and Taco Bell.

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