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25 descriptive words that help merchandise the menu

Descriptions give guests a better picture of the food on the menu, but they can go beyond helping guests make a choice between one dish or another. Descriptions can also help sell a dish by conveying value. Here are some words servers can use to increase sales and provide customers with information.

1. Signature dish
2. Drenched
3. Thick
4. Seared
5. Lightly dusted
6. Jet Fresh
7. Special
8. My customers love it
9. Popular
10. Drizzled with
11. Thick
12. Seasoned
13. My Favorite
14. Sold Out
15. Crunchy
16. Home-made
17. Crunchy
18. Bubbly, melted cheese
19. Chunky
20. Fresh-ground
21. Made Fresh Daily
22. So fresh it slept in the ocean last night
23. Made Fresh Daily
24. Spicy-not hot
25. Brand New

Jim Sullivan is CEO of, and is a popular speaker at foodservice conferences worldwide. Learn more tips on managing employees by visiting Sullivision on NRN.

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