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Salmon spring roll

Salmon spring roll

Ada Street, Chicago

Executive chef Zoe Schor uses house-cured Atlantic salmon as the wrapper for this spring roll.

She cures the fish with ginger, cilantro, tequila, salt, sugar and lime. Then she slices it thinly and wraps it around fresh vegetables, typically daikon, carrot, bell peppers and chives.

“It’s nice, clean flavors; delicious vegetables; and not what you expect in a spring roll,” she said.

She makes two sauces to go with the rolls. One is a glaze made with soy sauce cooked down with hot chiles she has on hand, along with brown sugar and rice wine vinegar. The other is a brown sugar simple syrup cooked with Fresno chiles. Both sauces are drizzled over the top of two rolls, which are garnished with cilantro.

The dish is priced at $6.

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