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Chicken-fried 'Lot 42' cauliflower steak

Chicken-fried 'Lot 42' cauliflower steak

Brennan’s of Houston, Houston

Chef Danny Trace offers this item as part of his two-course, $25 Farmer’s Corner menu at lunch, as well as part of his $80 six-course vegetable dinner.

Lot 42 is a section of Gundermann Farms near Houston, where this cauliflower is grown. Trace cuts the cauliflower into half-inch slices without coring it. He drizzles the vegetable with grapeseed oil and sprinkles it with sage, thyme and oregano, and roasts it until tender.

Next, he dusts the cauliflower with flour, dips it in tempura batter and deep-fries it to a golden brown color.

He serves the cauliflower with a potato salad made of Purple Majesties — a type of Peruvian blue potato — mixed with sautéed shallots, bell pepper and celery, along with capers, Creole mustard, yellow mustard and lemon juice. He finishes the salad with some chopped green onions.

He pours a vegan mushroom gravy on the cauliflower, which he makes by heating four parts mushroom stock with one part almond milk and puréeing it with some cooked rice to thicken it.

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