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Buffalo Sweetbreads

Buffalo sweetbreads

Recette, New York City

Chef Jesse Schenker developed this menu item from the leftover scraps of a dish for which he cut sweetbreads into circles. He tossed the pieces in instant flour and a Sriracha-based sauce and served them as part of the staff meal. They were such a success that he put a modified version on the bar menu, where they’ve been ever since.

He poaches sweetbread nuggets in a court-bouillon until they’re cooked through. Then he dusts them in instant flour seasoned with salt and pepper and deep fries them.

He then puts the fried sweetbreads in a sauce made of Sriracha, butter, lemon juice, sherry vinegar, housemade garlic oil, parsley and chives.

On the side he serves a dip of Italian buffalo blue cheese, made by crumbling the cheese and covering it in crème fraîche and white vinegar overnight, and then whipping it with olive oil and a little salt.

He serves it with house-pickled celery hearts and carrot sticks.

He serves three ounces of sweetbreads for $15 and goes through about 15 pounds of them each week in his 40-seat restaurant.

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