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Flavor of the Week

Flavor of the Week: A ‘Big Game’ favorite — Loaded Fries

Like nachos with the added indulgence of a french-fry base, loaded fries are endlessly customizable and nearly universally enjoyed.

Cheese and toppings choices can be mixed and matched and easily catered to customers’ tastes, and of course, there’s always room to add pulled pork or other meat on top.

Loaded fries are a popular menu item but they’re seeing growth as consumers crave more comforting foods. They’re also a great way to draw in a younger clientele, as they are most popular with Millennials and Gen Xers. And they’re one food of choice for sports fans gathering to watch the Super Bowl.

Market research firm Datassential reports that 88% of the population knows about loaded fries and 70% have tried them.

Click through the gallery to learn more about this week’s Flavor of the Week and see how one restaurant is using loaded fries on its menu.

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