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A toast to juice as mixers

A toast to juice as mixers

The fresh juice craze has appeal to many as a way to get in more fruits and vegetables. But who among us has not taken a sip of some of these juice concoctions and thought, “Wouldn’t this be delicious with a splash of vodka.”

Finally, the Nekter Juice Bar chain has realized an opportunity.

The Santa Ana, Calif.-based chain on Friday announced the launch of a new Nekter on the Rocks collection of low-calorie premium cold-pressed juice mixers for the home bartender who wants to elevate to the role of mixologist.

Available in Nekter’s 51 locations, the mixers have no refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or heavy syrups and each is about 80 calories, without the alcohol. They also blend well with sparkling water or club soda as a spritzer.

They come in three flavors:

Beach Berries with a blend of strawberries, blackberries, lemon, agave and basil. Pairs well with vodka for a Beach Berry Martini, or with champagne for a mimosa.

SoCal Margarita offers a more-healthful take on the traditional margarita mix with lime, lemon and orange juice sweetened with agave.

Arizona Sunset is a blend of grapefruit, orange, blood orange, peach and agave. Mix with rum and add a mini umbrella or vodka for a gorgeous pink drink.

Arizona Sunset features a blend of grapefruit, blood orange, orange and peach juices with agave. Photo courtesy of Nekter Juice Bar

“Nekter has become a part of so many lifestyles that it only seemed natural to incorporate the purity of our ingredients and our overall philosophy into the adult beverage market, where there are an abundance of high-sugar, processed mixers,” said Steve Schulze, Nekter’s president and co-founder with his wife Alexis Schulze.

There is more to come this year from Nekter, including a mobile ordering app, cold-pressed coffees, a traveling juice truck and a corporate wellness program.

To those who contend the juice trend is fading, Nekter appears to be positioning itself for growth.

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