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Fatburger opens free-standing Las Vegas restaurant

Fatburger has opened a flagship new location on the Las Vegas strip that is the first to have a full bar.

This from Dan Moran of Fatburger, who with his wife Lenell Moran attended the Menu Masters ceremony Sunday at the Drake Hotel.

The 2,500-square-foot Las Vegas location, opened by a franchisee about two weeks ago, is a freestanding unit, one of only two bars on the strip that can be entered directly from the street. Most restaurants and bars in the Las Vegas hot spot are inside a casino or hotel.

The bar side is called “Fatbar,” but the full Fatburger menu is also available, said Moran.

Will the company look for more locations like this one?

The demands of Las Vegas are fairly unique, but Moran said it could be something that would fit in other destination locations.

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