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Dunkin' released a new ad featuring movie star Ben Affleck.

Dunkin’ promotes coffee-and-doughnut deal with Ben Affleck commercial

This is the chain’s second ad this year featuring the movie star

Dunkin’ is continuing its relationship with celebrity Bostonian Ben Affleck with the release of a second commercial starring him.

In the meta-style 30-second ad, Affleck appears in line at a Dunkin’ restaurant saying he’s there for the commercial.

Or is he?

“I don’t do commercials,” Affleck says in the commercial. “I’m a real actor. This is an art form for me.”

Then the Dunkin’ staff asks if he was in “The Departed,” a 2006 crime thriller starring his friend and fellow Bostonian Matt Damon.

Affleck says that he is Matt Damon and then acts insulted when the staff seem to admire that actor, with whom Affleck has starred in several films, including “Good Will Hunting” and “Dogma.” They also are starring in the film “Air,” which is being released this week.

Affleck conceived, directed, and executed the ad at Artists Equity, which also is releasing Air.

The commercial also highlights a current deal by the quick-service chain offering a doughnut for $1 with the purchase of a medium or larger coffee.

Dunkin’ a subsidiary of Inspire Brands, is headquartered in the Boston suburb of Canton, Mass., and has strong brand identity associated with Massachusetts.

This is the second Dunkin’ ad featuring Affleck this year. The first ran during the Super Bowl and featured Affleck working in a drive-thru window in Medford, Mass., badly, speaking in a thick Boston accent, surprising customers as they place their orders.

Affleck has appeared in several Dunkin’ commercials in recent years.

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