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Af&co and Carbonate predict umami-rich cocktails, pavlovas, and more in the coming year

The marketing and research firms have made their 16th annual trend forecast

You can expect meringue-based desserts, savory and clear cocktails, and more MSG in your drinks in 2024, according to marketing firm Af&co., and its research arm, Carbonate.

Now in its 16th year, the companies’ Hospitality Trends Report seeks to make less obvious predictions than many of the other end-of-year prognosticators. Items on its trend list from last year include the purple Philippine yam ube, the meringue-topped dessert baked Alaska, maitake or hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, and Nigerian food.

The companies are doubling down on their meringue prediction this year, but in more casual forms than the classic flambéed baked Alaska. They also expect Americans to enjoy more savory pies, such as boreks, from the Eastern Mediterranean. Celeriac will be a standout root vegetable next year, the San Francisco-based companies said, and flavorful gluten-free buckwheat will be appearing in more desserts.

In the seafood space, they expect a resurgence of sea urchin.

Read on to see what else Af&co and Carbonate anticipate in the coming year.

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