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Wendy’s tests Frosty milkshake

DUBLIN Ohio Wendy’s is continuing to expand its dessert line with a test of a Frosty milkshake in three stores in Columbus, Ohio, according to a spokesman for the No. 3 burger chain.

Those stores are offering the milkshake in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors, he said. Chocolate and vanilla flavors of the Frosty are already available chainwide. A Frosty is thicker than conventional milkshake, with a consistency closer to soft-serve ice cream.

The milkshakes are the latest variations on the Frosty, the treat that was on the menu of the first Wendy’s, which Dave Thomas opened in 1969. Since July 2006, Wendy’s has debuted a vanilla Frosty, a Frosty float and the twisted Frosty, which is mixed with candy.

Frosty sales have risen 60 percent and topped $300 million annually since the vanilla version was introduced, the spokesman, John Barker, confirmed. Other variations that may be tested include Frosty frozen desserts and an iced-coffee Frosty.

On Tuesday, a new Wendy's sporting far more than the concept's usual array of beverages was opened in in Starkville, Miss. It features a separate coffee bar called Javaccino’s. Among the items sold there is a Frosty-ccino, which was described as a Frosty mixed with coffee flavoring and chocolate or caramel.  Javaccino’s also sells coffees, lattes and cappuccinos.

Wendy’s, which operates or franchises 6,600 restaurants worldwide, is considering ways to boost its stock price, including a possible sale.

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