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Faster, Further, Fresher: How Jet’s Pizza Is Changing Food Delivery with Drones

Jet’s Pizza is on a mission to make their logistics technology as good as their pizza. With voice AI and text to order, sales have soared and so have productivity and retention. Being an early adopter has its perks—when done right.

Next on the horizon? Ultra-fast, autonomous drone delivery. Join us to delve into how drone technology will impact the future of Jet’s Pizza and the restaurant industry as a whole. This webinar, featuring Jet’s Pizza CIO Aaron Nilsson and Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo Cliffton, will explore:

  • The impact of instant logistics: Learn how Jet’s Pizza plans to use drones to revolutionize restaurant delivery, offering faster service and addressing labor shortages
  • Scaling for business growth: Examine how Jet’s plans to adapt drone delivery to current operations, including kitchen automation and customer interaction
  • Unlocking new revenue streams: Discover how Jet’s is planning to expand its delivery with drones, reaching new markets and customers

Whether you're looking to improve your delivery model or simply stay ahead in a competitive market, you’ll gain valuable perspectives on restaurant innovation, effective implementation, and how drone delivery could transform your business.


New Zipline Aaron Speaker.jpgAaron Nilsson
Jets Pizza

New Zipline Keller Speaker.jpgKeller Rinaudo Cliffton
Co-Founder and CEO

New ALAN.jpgAlan Liddle - Moderator
Contributing Event Content Editor & Moderator
Restaurant and Food Group

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