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Creating Menu Individuality for the Masses

There are a huge variety of options for customers when it comes to dining choices. The crafty operator will find a way to express concept identity through their menu while also creating wide enough appeal to keep customers coming in.

Join us for a panel of our Chef Power List speakers and culinary professionals as they discuss ways to develop your menu to set yourself apart from the crowd, but still appeal to a larger audience. What considerations must you think about and what challenges do you face?


New Chris Viaud copy.jpgChris Viaud

Chef & Owner
Greenleaf Ansanm & Pavilion

NEW Phillip Frankland Lee_Scratch Restaurants Group copy.pngPhillip Frankland Lee
Co-Owner & Executive Chef
Scratch Restaurants

Minors_Headshot_Chef__Wassler.jpgKevin Wassler
Corporate Executive Chef   
Nestle Professional

Crop Informa_Bret_Thorn copy.jpgBret Thorn - Moderator
Senior Food & Beverage Editor
NRN Restaurant & Food Group

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