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Jimmy John's latest merch line includes a yoga tote.

Jimmy John’s launches merch to alleviate wintertime blues

The sandwich restaurant chain is also giving away desserts and suggesting a menu hack

Jimmy John’s is adding a new line of brightly colored merchandise to help cheer up the new year, along with an offer for free dessert and a menu hack for loyalty program members, the sandwich restaurant chain said Tuesday.

The merch is intended to be in line with “dopamine dressing,” or wearing clothing that brightens your mood, and is being released as inclement weather sweeps much of the nation.

The $35 “Self-Love Sandwich Club” Hoodie features those words on the back and a peace sign on the front in cheery mint green. The $35 “Club Delulu” insulated water bottle, also green, is intended to scare away the winter blues with “a healthy case of delusion,” which is what “delulu” is slang for.

Jimmy John’s recommends filling the bottle with soda.

The $20 “After This We’re Getting Sandwiches” Yoga Tote has straps designed to carry a yoga mat — or possibly a sub.

Jimmy John’s, a chain of more than 2,600 restaurants in more than 40 states, already has an extensive online store that sells a rather broad clothing line and accessories such as keychains and pickleball sets.

Also to get rid of the wintertime “blahs,” the chain, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, is suggesting a menu hack on its app called BLAHS, or bacon, lettuce, avocado spread, hot peppers, and salami. The hack is achieved by ordering Jimmy John’s BLT, removing the tomato, and adding avocado spread, Jimmy Peppers, and salami.

Additionally, the chain is offering a free cookie or dessert, with a minimum purchase of $10, to anyone who enters the code LITTLETREAT in the Jimmy John’s app. The offer can be redeemed daily from Jan. 17 through Jan. 28.

Jimmy John’s is just the latest concept to expand its merch line as restaurants seek new ways to capitalize on their brand equity.

Sister brand Dunkin’ recently released a new martini glass and shaker in the run up to the holidays, and White Castle promoted its late-night popularity with a “Night Castle” clothing line in collaboration with rapper Fat Joe.

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