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Clean Juice aims to be a leader in the healthy foods market

Clean Juice co-founders Landon and Kat Eckles discuss the growth of their Charlotte, N.C.-based juice franchise and the creation of a lifestyle brand


While 2020 was undoubtedly a banner year for comfort food winners like pizza and chicken sandwiches during the challenging days of the pandemic, Charlotte, N.C.-based smoothie and organic healthy foods chain Clean Juice saw significant growth with their focus on a healthy, organic lifestyle.

In 2020, Clean Juice saw double-digit sales growth and expanded their unit count by more than 15%, adding 14 new units to their portfolio. Clean Juice co-founders, CEO Landon Eckles and chief branding officer, Kat Eckles credits much of their success over the past year to the passion of their franchisees.

“I think our owners just really believe in the brand,” Kat Eckles said. “[…] Come hell or high water, they're not letting their doors close because they really, it's, you know, it's more personal, it's more intimate to them, then, you know, maybe wrapping up a burrito and sending it off.”

But for the Eckles, the secret to success stems from their approach to Clean Juice as a lifestyle, not just a foodservice brand. Learn more about the Clean Juice lifestyle and their pandemic leadership style in the video below.

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