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Commission-Free Online Solution for Restaurateurs Fighting COVID-19

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Todd Trahan Introduces

With so many restaurants impacted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Todd Trahan, the Founder of RestaurantsThatDeliverNearMe , provides a turn-key solution for restaurateurs who do not have an efficient-functional method of processing and managing orders online. Trahan states, “We have the tools, and experience to help restaurants adapt and overcome the current state of emergency.

A local entrepreneur in Palm Beach County for the past 12 years, Trahan combines his background in hospitality and restaurant management with his formidable expertise in the tech industry. Currently, Trahan’s fully functional menu ordering solution is priced at 80% off which offers: branded ordering apps in Itunes and Google Play, instant SEO optimized ordering websites, and SEM/Social Media & Conversion strategies. In a sense, RestaurantsThatDeliverNearMe is like a friendly neighbor who is there to help you on the spot.

The idea for the service came to Trahan after a neighbor who was taking over Cha Cha Japanese Cafe , located in Royal palm beach, helped him put up hurricane shutters three years ago. The spread ofCOVID-19 has caused a major problem for restaurants. They are closing own and laying staff off. Trahan thought about his friend’s business and heard about how delivery dudes stifled his restaurant, messed up his menu, and signed him up without his knowledge. This caused severe logistical problems, and he had to cancel them.

Primarily, RestaurantsThatDeliverNearMe is a multi-tiered subscription service that streamlines and automates the online ordering, payment, and update notification process for restaurants. This integrates into their current website as well as Facebook. Basic service starts at $19.95 per month, includes online ordering and management service. Other options and addons are available that help with exposure, branding, tracking and increasing sales.

Trahan also has partnerships with local radio stations, like YO! 107.1 in Palm Beach County providing discounted air time. Restaurantsthatdelivernearme is committed to donating 3% of each sale to ANA - American Nurses Association until at least the end of 2020.

For more information, please contact Todd Trahan at [email protected]

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