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Taco Bell Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity that helps break down barriers to educate and inspire the next generation of America's young leaders.

The Taco Bell Foundation honors 30 years with a commitment to raise $100 million by 2026

In celebration, the Taco Bell Foundation's 400 nonprofit partners will receive $7.5 million to continue their work supporting and mentoring young people

The Taco Bell Foundation is celebrating 30 years of championing young people, scholars, team members, and entrepreneurs who positively impact their surrounding communities. To honor this milestone, the Taco Bell Foundation is committing to raise $100 million by 2026 to continue supporting its nonprofit partners, scholars, and changemakers.

In 2022 alone, the Taco Bell Foundation granted $7.5M to nationwide organizations focused on youth education and career readiness. As the Taco Bell Foundation's longest-standing program, this year's Community Grants will provide direct support to services for youth academic success that feed young people's hunger to learn and pursue their passions. The Taco Bell Foundation champions equitable access to connections, learning resources, and opportunities to drive change. Ultimately, connections to these ingredients fuel success, positive change, and creative ideas.

"For three decades, the Taco Bell Foundation has been a steadfast advocate for the education and inspiration of the next generation of leaders," said Jennifer Bradbury, Executive Director of the Taco Bell Foundation. "Through our successful partnerships and programs, we have supported thousands of young people in achieving their dreams, and with this latest commitment, we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon."

Through its work with franchisees and its popular Round Up program, where fans of Taco Bell can round up their order total to help break down barriers to education, the Taco Bell Foundation has used the money fundraised to fuel bold ambitions in several innovative ways. Some highlights from the last 30 years include:

  • 1992: The Taco Bell foundation unveiled the TEENSupreme program, partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • 2002: The Taco Bell Foundation's donations hit $10 million. These donations supported more than 500,000 at-risk teens participating in the TEENSupreme program.
  • 2015: The Taco Bell Foundation launched the Live Más Scholarship, a program aimed at empowering the nation's next generation of dreamers, innovators, and creators with the funds needed to take the next step in their academic journey.
  • 2018: In 2018, the Taco Bell Foundation launched the Live Más Scholarship Renewal Program to continue supporting previous recipients along their educational journeys.
  • 2022: The Taco Bell Foundation and Ashoka joined forces to debut the Ambition Accelerator, funded by the Yum! Brand's Unlocking Opportunity Initiative, a bold program created to accelerate young innovators' most ambitious social impact ideas.

This incredible success is possible thanks to the Taco Bell Foundation's partners, the Live Más Scholars and Taco Bell team members strengthening their communities, and the loyal Taco Bell fans who believe in the Taco Bell Foundation's mission.

For the next 30 years and beyond, the Taco Bell Foundation will go bigger and bolder with its commitment to impacting young people and their communities. By continuing to invest in the empowerment of new voices and youth education, the future is bright at the Taco Bell Foundation.

About Taco Bell Foundation

Taco Bell Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity that helps break down barriers to educate and inspire the next generation of America's young leaders. Since 1992, the Taco Bell Foundation has reached more than 5 million young people across the country and has awarded more than $110 million in grants and scholarships, focused on education and career readiness.

For more information about the Taco Bell Foundation, visit

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