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NRN celebrates golden anniversary by looking at 50 years of foodservice

<p><img alt="" src="/site-files/" style="width: 150px; height: 84px; float: left;" />NRN celebrates its 50th anniversary with a look back at the industry.</p>

For 50 years, Nation’s Restaurant News has earned its place as the most influential media brand for restaurant industry news, analysis and data aimed at helping foodservice businesses both large and small succeed. 

Founded in 1966, the brand began as National Restaurant News and dubbed itself  “The Newspaper Voice of the Food Service Industry.” Today, as Nation’s Restaurant News, the brand has grown to a truly multimedia operation, with the largest and leading magazine and digital offerings. Throughout that history, the editors and publishers have successfully worked to remain essential to restaurant operators, CEOs, chefs and entrepreneurs. 

The power of the NRN brand is in its commitment to the highest quality of journalism and visionary content that educates and informs. Through the magazine, MUFSO conference,, NRN a.m., and numerous other products and services, NRN delivers the best, as evidenced by nearly a dozen prestigious media awards. Franchise reports like the Top 100, Consumer Picks and The Power List have become can’t-miss content. 

For 50 years, NRN has been embedded in the fabric of the restaurant industry. 

And what an industry to be a part of. A plethora of entrepreneurs have built brands that have shaped the world of food. NRN has seen the likes of pioneers like Chili’s Grill & Bar founder Norman Brinker and Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, as well as innovators like Subway’s Fred DeLuca and Chipotle’s Steve Ells. Whether heralding the dawn of franchising, building beloved consumer brands through powerful marketing or driving innovations in technology, restaurant businesses have left no small imprint on America and throughout the world.

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Let’s not forget the food or the power of ambiance — the basic elements that make restaurants so special. NRN has seen chefs like Thomas Keller and Alice Waters change the landscape of American cuisine. Union Square Café and Momofuku brought new approaches to service and comfort that reset dining out. NRN saw the chain-wide development of McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion and Wendy’s Frosty. 

At NRN, numerous people helped shape the brand over 50 years, far too many to name here. The legacy of the founders and early editors and publishers has been carefully carried on by today’s team — the best in the business — and those committed to bringing NRN into its next 50 years. 

Please join us in an NRN anniversary, and an industry celebration. >>

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