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Menu Tracker: New items from Dunkin’, Sweetgreen and Cracker Barrel

Plus innovation at Dairy Queen, Frisch’s Big Boy, The Habit Burger Grill, IHOP, Jamba, Pinkberry, Pizza Guys, Pizza Hut, Roy Rogers, Tim Hortons, Velvet Taco and Yoshinoya

Much of the country is sweltering through a heat wave, but it’s pumpkin spice season nonetheless, and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Dairy Queen, Dunkin’, Frisch’s Big Boy, Jamba, Pinkberry and Tim Hortons are all getting in on the action, or have announced plans to soon. 

But it’s not all about the flavors of fall. The Habit Burger Grill Has introduced new meatless options using Impossible Burger, and Pizza Hut has continued its partnership with Beyond Meat in a test of meatless pepperoni.

Speaking of tests, IHOP is testing beer and wine in New Mexico and San Diego.

Sweetgreen has a seasonal bowl that mimics the Mexican street corn elote, as well as a bowl exclusive to Miami using local starfruit.

Pizza Guys has a new chicken curry pizza, Roy Rogers sells fruit parfaits now, Yoshinoya has premium steak as a limited-time offer and Velvet Taco’s Weekly Taco Feature has fried oysters.

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