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Beaumont's beer pick: Ayinger 
Oktober Fest-Märzen

Beaumont's beer pick: Ayinger 
Oktober Fest-Märzen

Located south of Munich rather than within the city limits, Brauerei Aying doesn’t qualify for inclusion in Oktoberfest — hence the space between the words “Oktober” and “Fest” on the label. But that doesn’t mean this beer is any less authentic than a traditional festbier. 

Rich gold in color with a generous collar of cream-colored foam, the sweetish, faintly mineral maltiness of this lager is in ample evidence on the first sniff, while the second and third passes yield aromas of candied walnuts and spiced and toasted brown sugar. On the palate, a creamy, malty sweetness gives way to drying hops and a maltiness that’s more biscuit than caramel, with a hint of brown spice and a touch of alcohol warmth thrown in for good measure.

At not much more than standard beer strength, 5.6 percent alcohol by volume, this is an ideal beer for autumn, both thirst-quenching and satisfying. And, like most German beers, it serves very well alongside a meal of sausages, schnitzel or roast pork.

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