Must-see videos: Taco Bell promotes all-day $1 feast

NRN video picks you need to watch this week

Taco Bell offers 20 options from breakfast to late night cravings all for $1. Private karaoke rooms are a great place to sing about Chicken Littles. Pizza Hut customers can get two medium original pan pizzas with any toppings, any crust and any specialty for $6.99 each. Genghis Grill offers build-your-own stir fry bowls. Watch as Matt and Arielle realize that they will never become baristas at the original Starbucks location.

Taco Bell promotes all-day $1 feast

KFC's Extra Crispy Colonel crashes a private karaoke party

Pizza Hut touts $6.99 Any deal

Build your own bowl at Genghis Grill

Two people earn their Starbucks aprons in a Snapchat takeover

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