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Must-see videos: Country singer Reba McEntire is the new KFC colonel

NRN picks this week's top videos

Taco Bell's new fries are seasoned with Mexican spices and served with warm Nacho Cheese Sauce. KFC's chicken salesman pretends to be a country music legend to sell its new BBQ chicken. Chick-fil-A chef shares a recipe for a soup that comes together in just 30 minutes. Pizza Hut customers can order Hut Rewards before the Super Bowl kickoff and could win free pizza if the 14-second touchdown record is broken. Burger King recently used the Whopper in a social experiment it conducted on real customers in order to demonstrate the effects of the repeal on net neutrality.

Taco Bell adds $1 Nacho Fries to menu

Country singer Reba McEntire is the new KFC colonel

Chick-fil-A Chef shares Thai-inspired soup recipe

Pizza Hut's rewards program offers free pizza

Burger King explains the concept of net neutrality

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