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Chipotle has added a new perk to its Rewards program, called Freepotle.

Chipotle adds free food incentives to its loyalty program

Chipotle is offering free food drops and the chance to win free food for a year as an alternative to subscription programs.

Chipotle today announced the launch of “Freepotle,” a new feature within its Rewards program that allows members to earn free food throughout this year. The company said there will be up to 10 “free food drops” in 2023, including from Jan. 9 through Jan. 15 for existing members who are automatically enrolled in Freepotle.

Non-members have the chance to be enrolled if they join the loyalty program by March 6 and will earn a free side or guacamole topping within their account as an incentive. In a statement, CMO Chris Brandt said the promotion provides an alternative to subscription programs that have been introduced by several restaurant brands.

“In an environment full of pricey subscription programs, we’re introducing a pass to our real food that is free to join and will provide more value to our community than ever before,” he said. “‘Freepotle’ makes Chipotle Rewards a must-join program for all Chipotle fans in 2023.”

Chipotle is promoting the new feature by offering the chance to win free food for a year. According to a press release, a total of 3,100 Rewards members will receive free food for a year in recognition of the chain’s 3,100-plus locations. From Jan. 9-15, members who make a $5 minimum purchase in-store or online will be automatically entered to win. Chipotle is also hosting a “Freepotle” prize wheel on TikTok Live and Instagram Live at noon from Jan. 9-13. Winners of free Chipotle for a year will be chosen at random by watching or commenting.

Chipotle Rewards has more than 30 million members – one of the biggest membership programs in the industry. Freepotle is the one of several features the chain has added to the program to woo members. The company has provided early access to product launches through the app, for instance, while also offering digital-only products. Last year, Chipotle added a gamified “Extras” feature.

Incentivizing more members to join makes sense for the chain, as executives have noted on several occasions that loyalty orders generate higher checks and more frequency. The program also mines consumer data to better understand their preferences and target messaging accordingly. Because of these benefits, loyalty programs have become a bigger priority for brands of all sizes.

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