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2013 International Top 25: Volume vs. growth

2013 International Top 25: Volume vs. growth

This story is a part of NRN’s International Top 25, an annual look at the 25 largest restaurant chains and companies based outside of the United States and Canada based on their worldwide foodservice sales. Sales and figures were calculated by London-based Euromonitor International.

The International Top 25 companies bested their North American counterparts in terms of year-over-year percentage growth in aggregate worldwide systemwide sales in 2012. But that same group was outgunned by a 4-to-1 ratio in aggregate sales volume compared with the 25 top-ranked U.S.- and Canada-based companies, led by McDonald’s Corp.

As a group, the International Top 25 companies, with headquarters outside the U.S. or Canada, rang up 2012 calendar sales of $69.4 billion in constant, U.S. dollars, according to Euromonitor International. Those sales were up 6 percent from 2011, when sales were $65.5 billion — a 5.1-percent increase over 2010.

Research by Nation’s Restaurant News found that the 25 top U.S.-Canada companies had aggregate actual or estimated latest-year worldwide systemwide sales of $282.5 billion. Those sales, slowed by the sluggish global economy, weakened foreign currencies against the U.S. dollar and a poultry controversy in China, among other challenges, climbed 5.2 percent from the preceding year, compared to 9.6 percent in the prior 12 months. Bakery-cafe operator and franchisor Tim Hortons Inc., ranked No. 11 with latest-year estimated total system sales of $6.5 billion, was the only Canadian representative on the list.

McDonald’s, whose system fielded 34,480 restaurants worldwide at the end of fiscal 2012, generated $88.3 billion, or 31.3 percent of that latest-year U.S.-Canada group’s global sales. The Golden Arches’ sales were more than double those of its closest home-country rival, Yum! Brands Inc., with $43.1 billion in latest-year worldwide systemwide sales from its KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell chains, among others.

The five C-Store operators in the International Top 25 — led by No. 1-ranked 7-Eleven parent Seven & i Holdings Co. Ltd. — continued to dominate the group in 2012, generating 45.8 percent of its total sales and about 61 percent of its year-over-year sales gain.

Among the international companies, the average rate of year-over-year growth in system sales was 5.4 percent in 2012, compared with 5 percent in 2011. The U.S.-Canada camp had average latest-year growth in systemwide sales of 8.2 percent, which was down from 16 percent in the preceding year; much of the North Americans’ growth in both periods was tied to acquisitions.

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