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How Taco Bell is trying to appeal to even more people

Taco Bell’s Cantina Chicken Menu features five new items with new ingredients and a new Avocado Verde Salsa.


Taco Bell now seems to be adjusting its strategy for younger consumers. Starting March 21, Taco Bell will offer a new Cantina Chicken Menu.

With this menu launch, the company projects to use more than 2.5 million additional pounds of produce in 2024.

Not only is this new menu aimed at capturing younger consumers’ protein preferences, it was also created to “tackle misconceptions” about only being a late-night brand, the company said. During the company’s recent Live Mas Live event in Las Vegas, CMO Taylor Montgomery said the company is making a play for more lunch/afternoon business.

“We know you guys love us for late-night. We want you to love us for more than just late-night. I’m excited about consumers creating a new relationship with Taco Bell and the Cantina Chicken is going to do it,” Montgomery said, adding that the company has received an abundance of feedback from fans saying they would visit Taco Bell more for lunch if there were more chicken options.

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