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Island Fin Poké looks to utilize its recent success as a launchpad into 2022.

Island Fin Poké celebrates its 2021 success

Hawaiian-Style Poké concept quadruples revenue and now targets international expansion

Island Fin Poké , the fast-casual restaurant famous for its Hawaiian-style build-your-own poké bowls, is proud to announce the brand’s accomplishments throughout 2021. Rolling out new locations, technological innovations, increasing its revenue and even targeting international development, Island Fin Poké now looks to continue its momentum well into 2022.

Throughout the past year, Island Fin Poké has opened 10 new locations, more than doubling its total number, and entered several new markets throughout the country. Opening the brand’s first locations in states such as Illinois, Georgia, and North Carolina, Island Fin Poke has been able to quadruple its revenue and now has 17 locations in various stages of development. Noticing the brand’s 2021 success, some franchisees have recently committed to opening their second and third locally-owned locations.

“I am tremendously proud of our Ohana and all of the success we have experienced the past year,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Island Fin Poké, Mark Setterington. “Despite it being an unpredictable year full of many obstacles for small businesses, we were able to push forward into new markets and greatly increase our overall revenue. I credit these achievements to the culture of our brand, our ambitious development goals, and the full-hearted passion of the entire Island Fin Poké family.”

In addition to increasing both its location count and revenue, Island Fin Poké has made significant technological innovations to its website. After listening to its customer base, the brand has created a one-of-a-kind nutritional calculator, allowing guests to now customize their order directly on the brand website and obtain clear insight into the nutritional value of their meal. 

Riding this wave of momentum into 2022, Island Fin Poké plans to have 40 locations open and operating by the end of next year, with more than 75 units sold and in development. The brand is confident its 2022 goals are achievable and has even begun looking into the development of airport and international locations. 

“We have been ecstatic for the opportunity to make Island Fin Poké an international brand for a while now,” said Setterington. “We have received so much positive feedback from our Island Fin family and after our recent 2021 success, we now view taking the concept overseas as an achievable 2022 goal.”

Island Fin Poké looks to utilize its recent success as a launchpad into 2022. For more information, please visit

Island Fin Poké

Founded in 2017 and franchising since 2018, Island Fin Poké is a Florida-based fast-casual chain that serves Hawaiian-style poké bowls in a comfortable laid back beach shack environment. Today, there 20+ locations open, with numerous others in various stages of development across the country. For more information, or if interested in a franchising opportunity, please visit

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