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Restaurants Adapt to Changing Consumer Trends

Restaurants Adapt to Changing Consumer Trends

Diners have changed. Restaurants are changing with them.

Already 2021 shows a lot of promise, but experts have mixed opinions about what’s ahead for restaurants. Some predict a “Roaring Twenties”-style rush to restaurants and bars as a result of pent-up demand, akin to the period of consumer spending that followed the end of World War I. Others say recovery will be slow, as diners shake off fears about their safety.

As the COVID vaccine reaches more people and the economy settles into a new post-pandemic sense of normalcy, here’s a look at how restaurants are adapting for the new consumer.

Insights in this report include:

  • New Expectations for Dining Out
  • Delivery Dominance in a Post-COVID World
  • Restaurant Design Revisited