This story is a part of NRN’s International Top 25, an annual look at the 25 largest restaurant chains and companies based outside of the United States and Canada based on their worldwide foodservice sales. Sales and figures were calculated by London-based Euromonitor International.

The overall global foodservice market is projected to continue strong expansion in the next five years — with worldwide sales increasing 27.6 percent to more than $3.4 trillion by 2018 — but individual trajectories of the six global regions vary widely.

The Asia-Pacific region dwarfs other markets in terms of total sales, already topping $1 trillion, and is projected to grow that total by more than a third by 2018.

Meanwhile, several smaller regions are projected to post significant growth in the next five years, including projected sales increases of 93.1 percent increase in Middle East-Africa, 65.5 percent in Latin America and 42 percent in Eastern Europe.

More mature markets, such as  United States-Canada and Western Europe are still growing, but at somewhat slower rates than their foreign counterparts.