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Working Lunch
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Working Lunch: Oregon burger chain turns tables on union

Employees seeking to unionize are crying foul at Little Big Burger’s planned election

Little Big Burger, a 19-unit burger chain owned by Charlotte, N.C.-based Chanticleer Holdings Inc., has stolen the playbook of a local union in Portland, Ore., and petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union recognition election at all its locations throughout the state — and the union itself is crying foul. Align Public Strategies takes a deep dive into that turn of events.

Also, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was a celebrity bartender last week in her Queens district to draw attention to issues affecting restaurant and service industry workers. The Align team discusses how that event was covered and what it means for the industry.

In other news, the restaurant industry is starting to feel the effects of the ongoing trade war with China, Mexico and other trading partners. With another round of tariffs pending, Hun Quach, the vice president of international trade for the Retail Industry Leaders Association, joins Working Lunch to talk about the impact on the industry and what operators need to know. The episode concludes with this week’s legislative scorecard.

Align Public Strategies is a full-service public affairs and creative firm that helps corporate brands, governments and non-profit organizations navigate the outside world and inform their internal decision-making. This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or management of Nation's Restaurant News and Restaurant Hospitality.

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