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Working Lunch

Working Lunch: Major brands caught in ongoing political battles

ICE raid issue underwhelms major national companies


The entry-level business model was under another high-profile attack this week as longtime progressive activist Abigail Disney jumped into the fray, calling into question the business practices of the company that bears her family name. We’ll discuss the company’s response and what impact it might have on the broader issue.

And Subway is in the news this week, and it’s not good. It’s not its business model under attack but its way of doing business — especially when it comes to the treatment of its franchisees. We’ll take a look at how all that fits into the broader narrative of the franchise business model.

And the looming Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that President Donald Trump has been tweeting about for weeks seem to have underwhelmed. Even major national brands are pushing back. We’ll visit that issue and see how brands are reacting. We’ll talk about those stories and wrap it up with the legislative scorecard.

Align Public Strategies is a full-service public affairs and creative firm that helps corporate brands, governments and nonprofits navigate the outside world and inform their internal decision-making. This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or management of Nation's Restaurant News or Restaurant Hospitality.

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