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Working Lunch
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Colorado wants to codify some significant joint employer liability into its labor code.

Working Lunch: Colorado poised to adopt Obama-era joint employer standard

GOP seeks business liability shield in coronavirus crisis


Colorado is attempting to codify some significant joint employer liability into its labor code and this could have major ramifications for employers. The Working Lunch crew talked with Jeff Hanscom from the International Franchise Association to better understand what is happening and how employers should engage.

Meanwhile, Republicans on Capitol Hill are fighting for a business liability shield for employers against coronavirus-related claims from either employees or customers. Troy Flanagan from the American Hotel & Lodging Association joined Working Lunch to discuss the latest on what is happening in Washington, D,C., on this important issue.

Also, restaurant reopening are under way and Working Lunch offers an update on the latest and greatest facing operators across the country, and the panel wraps it up with the legislative scorecard.

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