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[WEBINAR] Emerging Tools & Techniques for Restaurant Manager Success

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Restaurant operators and managers in 2017 experienced immense change within the workplace from such sales, labor-cost and staffing challenges as inconsistent traffic, new scheduling legislation and rising wages. The restaurant industry — and restaurant technology, specifically — is due for more disruption in 2018, with opportunities for the attentive operator to get a step ahead.

Join us for this webinar highlighting the 2018 key restaurant technology trends and examining the pressing issues that restaurant operators will face in the coming months. We’ll cover:

  • Intelligent Forecasting: When traffic and sales are high, the focus on operational controls can fade. But when traffic and sales are erratic, it is critically important for restaurants to more accurately predict demand through the use of intelligent forecasting technology.
  • Labor Rules Compliance: The rise of new predictive scheduling regulations poses a financial threat to out-of-compliance businesses, but it also represents an opportunity to please employees in a tight labor market by introducing more predictability to their schedules and incomes. We’ll talk about ways to balance P&L and human resources needs.
  • Manager Usability and Enablement: Scalable, user-friendly systems can help good managers become great managers, and make doing a standout job a little easier.
  • Demand for Delivery: Before offering delivery services, operators first need to understand how to manage it by proactively analyzing how the new option will affect traffic, facilities usage, work flow and staffing levels.


Nathan Pickerill

Principal Solutions Architect

Patrick A. Yearout
Director of Recruiting & Training
Ivar's Restaurants

Phil Crawford
Vice President of Information Technology
Shack Shake

Dean Haskell
Co-Founder National Retail
Concept Partners


Alan Liddle
Data & Event Content Director
Nation's Restaurant News