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Reimagining Restaurant and Retail Seafood Packaging to Enhance Safety, Improve Quality and Reduce Labor

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 2:00pm EDT

Whether you’re a restaurant owner struggling with back of house kitchen prep or a retail establishment trying to manage a fresh seafood counter, innovations in active packaging technologies offers a simple and safe solution to these challenges. This session will explore how a new active packaging system for seafood can help mitigate seafood supply chain issues, extend seafood freshness, and solve both safety and labor challenges. Attendees will learn how innovations in active material science can help:

  • Reduce risk of pathogen growth and temperature abuse for seafood
  • Enable better inventory control and extend seafood freshness to reduce food waste
  • Mitigate resource constraints by eliminating in-store or in-kitchen seafood processing
  • Improve overall seafood product quality for a better consumer experience.

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IMG_9778 Internet_90.jpgChrista Biggs, MFT
Manager, Business Development
Aptar Food + Beverage